Consult with Sara

I’m here to help you feel beautiful

I’ve dedicated my life to the art of jewelry making, but crafting the pieces themselves is only part of what I do.

Over the years, I’ve worked directly with hundreds of women to learn just what it is that makes them uniquely beautiful. I’ve heard from my clients that I’ve helped them see themselves in new ways and discover new aspects of their personal style. 

I’d love to do the same for you.

I’ll consider everything from the shape of your eyes when you smile to the effect you have on people when you walk into a room, then make personalized recommendations for individual pieces and combinations that bring your most radiant, confident self forward.

Our conversation will take about thirty minutes, and is absolutely free.  

The best part: You can set your appointment right now. 

Send me an email to book your free consultation  

I can’t wait to meet you. 



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What to expect in my 30 minute session with Sara

As an artist and stylist, I would like to offer a one on one 30 minute consultation. My suggestions are based on your coloring, face shape and features and your personal style. The session is to get to know you, your day to day, what your ‘routine’ is from lounging to professional. From there, I will suggest pieces for you to consider.

My picks are only part of the equation. I want you to feel happy each time you pick up your Sara Silvio jewelry to wear for the day. As a designer and metals expert, I look forward to guiding you in choosing the best jewelry for your lifestyle.